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Hydro Jetter

The hydro jetter or water jetter is a very specialised machine designed specifically for removing blockages from pipe work. Using water at around 5000 psi and specially designed cutting and drill hears the jetter is able to cut through almost anything.  From tree roots to matchbox cars and all other amazing things that kids find amusing to flush down the toilet.

CCTV Camera

The CCTV drain camera service can be used to record footage of the drain onto DVD both before and after cleaning, to confirm problem and location. After cleaning, it provides confirmation that all blockages have been removed. This also allows operators/clients to visualize any damage to pipe-work that may be causing problems. Footage can be recorded onto DVD for client’s use These videos can be very useful especially if the blockage/problem lies beyond the properties legal discharge point in the water authorities’ asset. It can also be helpful in commercial construction applications to determine the cause of the damage in order to bill repairs correctly.
The CCTV camera can also be used as a pipe locator as it has a sonar emitter mounted in the head of the camera. This can be used to pinpoint the location of damage, and also to locate existing services before excavation works proceed.

Dig up and Repair

Although most problems can be solved by using the hyrdo jetter and the camera. Unfortunately sometimes the damage is too great and there is no option but to dig up the pipe and replace the broken section.

New installations

Peninsula Drainage Solutions can tackle any drainage job large or small from AG cut off drains to pit and pipe civil drainage. We can provide a solution to any problem.