We called Glen in regards to a recurring drainage problem that we had had for more than the last 10 years and so far nobody seem to have been able to  solve for more than a couple of month at the time. For once we got to talk to somebody that seemed to know and care about the problem. Still more important who had the equipment and knowledge that was needed.

Glen solved the problem in a very professional, friendly and inexpensive way compared to any others we had previously called in for the job. His unique “camera equipment” that clearly showed us all of the inside of the drain and where the problem were, proved clearly the massive collection of a tree root and after 2 hours work from Glen the problem was at long last fixed!

We can highly recommend Glen’s service, not only promptly attended to in a friendly manner but it has  saved us 10 years frustrating and expensive plumber experiences from others that apparently did not have the abilities or equipment to do the job.
(G & N Brok Pearcedale, )