Sewer and Storm water Drain Blockage Specialists

Sewer blockage before
Sewer blockage after
Peninsula Drainage Solutions is a small business based in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula, set up to provide a drain cleaning and hydro jetting service to clear sewer and stormwater drainage systems of blockages, tree roots and other foreign bodies.  Whether its a toilet, shower or gutters overflowing we can clear and identify the cause of the problem.  Being based in Balnarring, we are able to service the whole Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas with ease.

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Peninsula Drainage Solutions has a full range of the latest technology in the drain cleaning field.  From Hydro Jetters to locatable CCTV cameras.  To thoroughly clean and inspect the inside of the drain.  This means we know exactly where to dig to repair problems.  This saves hours of guess work and digging holes in the wrong place.  Many plumbers use us for this exact purpose to save them time.

The high pressure water jetter can also be used for non-destructive digging/pot holing, a process which uses the high pressure water jet to safely excavate to find existing services which may be damaged with other forms of excavation.  this has proven to be extremely beneficial on the Mornington Peninsula given the number of old services buried in the region.

  • High Pressure Water Jet
  • CCTV Drain Cameras
  • Drain Locator
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What are customers saying about us

Glen solved the problem in a very professional, friendly and inexpensive way compared to any others we had previously called in for the job. His unique “camera equipment” that clearly showed us all of the inside of the drain and where the problem were, proved clearly the massive collection of a tree root and after 2 hours work from Glen the problem was at long last fixed!....
(G & N Brok Pearcedale, )